Picture of charging cablesWhile is is not exactly related to Security Alarm Systems or Alarm System Monitoring, "Smart" Devices are a large part of many systems we sell and install; the most common use being App Control of Security / Automation systems as well as remotely accessing IP Video Surveillance Systems.

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly voted to adopted a proposal by the Commission of the European Union which will mandate the use of USB-C ports in all consumer electronics equipped with charging ports, including Smart Phones, tablets, etc by 2024. The EU Parliament voted to adopt the Commission’s recommendation to amend EU Directive 2014/53/EU to standardize charging technologies, in an effort to reduce consumer inconvenience and electronic waste created by the use of a variety of incompatible charging technologies across various platforms. In their report, the Commission estimated the average consumer owns at least three mobile phone chargers simply to ensure reliable access to compatible charging technologies. They also estimate disposed outdated charging cables constitute 11,000 metric tons of e-waste every year. Now they just need to work on the other area's of electronic waste, such as failure subsidy and planned obsolescence, in other electronics, in particular poorly manufactured surveillance cameras.

We are all familiar with the ever changing charging plugs on apple devices; this directive will force companies like Apple to play fair, when it comes to charging cables and perhaps put an end to the boxes of outdated charging cables sitting in the corner of your closet or junk drawer.

For more information on this EU Directive, check out the EU Parliament website