Regardless of your view on the topic, the COVID 19 Pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in mankind. From a Security standpoint, the initial shutdown was met with mass looting's and commercial break-in's. While this is not really all that new, the loss due to theft was only compounded by the financial losses realized during the shutdown. While some businesses were forced to close, many managed to pivot their offerings and or change the way they worked. Many businesses realized very real cost savings by shifting their workforce to working from home. While this posed an inconvenience, for some, most enjoyed the flexibility and in many cases there was in increase in productivity.


The Security alarm industry also saw some major changes, the most groundbreaking was in the re-purposing of technologies typically used for loss prevention into tools used to help curb the spread of the virus. This is where the power of Video Analytics and Systems integration were realized.


At KeepSafe Systems, our adaptable technologies combined with our passion for problem solving provide our clients with truly powerful systems designed to help them navigate the ever changing landscape of Covid 19. From thermal temperature sensing, to mask detection and even electronically controlling access to your business based on occupancy. Whatever your unique requirements, give us a call and we will do our very best to help you out.


Thermal temperature sensing - With the use of Mobotix Intelligent IP Camera's, KeepSafe Systems is able to accurately detect individuals with an elevated body temperature.







Mask Detection – by re-engineering facial recognition, KeepSafe Systems is able to leverage the power of Mobotix IP Camera's to detect mask compliance and even electronically restrict access to those who are not in compliance. This novel approach reduces risks posed by those who may be violent or threatening to employees who ask them to put on a mask.









 Occupancy Counting – In the past, turnstiles were used as a very effective means of controlling and counting occupancy. While effective, turnstiles take up valuable retail space and are very limited in where they can be deployed. By leveraging the Intelligent Analytics native in Mobotix IP Camera's, KeepSafe Systems is able to provide a seamless occupancy counting solution. If you already have a Mobotix Security Camera system, this may simply be a matter of some simple programming changes, within the camera.


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