The Floor Sensor

pet proof security alarm floor sensorPet proof motion detectors are not a new thing, in fact, there have been quite a number of attempts at differentiating a human vs a pet.

I-Pad Breathes New Life Into Home Automation and Distributed Audio

home controlAnyone who knows me knows how much I love gadgets. From Media Servers to lighting control and talking alarm panels I have always been one to play around with technology. I even look back to when I decided to get into the Alarm Industry, I was 20 years old and interested in Robotics... Why? Because it seemed cool to have a machine do stuff for you. So why Alarms?

Monitoring More than Just the Bad Guys

It comes as a surprise to many of my clients that we are able to monitor more than just Intrusion and Fire. In fact, if it has a switch or detector, we can monitor it.

Take, for example, a sump pump; Many sump pumps have dry contact outputs which enable you to connect a buzzer to the sump to alert you in the case of failure. Ask anyone who has had a sump pump fail on them how much damage the rising water caused to their basement.

Credit Cards

I was speaking with a client yesterday and she had brought up a recent incident she had at a local department store. It isn't really related to anything I do, however I thought it should be mentioned as it does relate to security and identity theft.

She bought some items and one of them was rung up incorrectly ($99 instead of $ 9.99) Honest mistake, I would hope. After abit of confusion the transaction was fixed.

The Security Alarm Industry Trunk Slammers and Ensuring a licenced company is taking care of your security installation.

I know, we all hate government regulations, and to be honest, I was not the biggest fan of the Security Programs Division. The thing is, they are there as more than a governmental tax grab.


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