Subsidized by Failure - The Industry's “Greedy Little Secret”

Subsidized by failureA number of years ago I started to notice an increase in the failure rate of certain security alarm / CCTV components. Not surprisingly, this increased failure rate coincided with a massive drop in wholesale cost. Yes, we've all heard the old saying “Good stuff no cheap, cheap stuff no good” but this problem goes beyond simple cost of manufacturing.


An affordable solution for vehicle tracking is now here. We have all heard of GPS Vehicle tracking being used to track and control stolen vehicles. This technology is becoming more common place and in addition to security, a properly deployed and managed GPS Vehicle tracking system can save companies who rely on vehicles to make them money. From couriers to trades, GPS Vehicle tracking services have been used to manage fleets and make more money.

The Holistic Approach To Home Security

Keepsafe Systems MascotsMy wife was out last night so that gave me a chance to watch "Dirk Gently' Anyone familiar with Douglas Adams will know exactly what I mean when I refer to a Holistic Approach. Although Dirk's approach to the whole Holistic arena was verging more on taking advantage of opportunities, there was a mention of a break-in or two during the episode.

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