Yes, we have an App for that...

security alarm system remote control app vancouver lower mainland fraser valley home automationMore and more, there seems to be a worldwide shift to automating our lives and integrating everything possible with the Internet. It all started with Home Automation and remote telephone control of security systems via Touchtone commands (Not much unlike remotely retrieving your messages from an answering machine.)

Since the answering machine, we have moved into remote Video Monitoring, PC control of our security, lighting and appliances. The advent of the Iphone and the ever popular Iphone Applications, or Apps as they are known, have brought Security and Automation to a whole new level.

We can now log-in to our home or business and control any number of features with the simple touch of a button on your Iphone, Android, or Blackberry. remote access and home automation is no longer a simple matter of convenience, it has now almost become a staple component of every security system on the market.

In addition to being able to verify if you alarm is actually armed, many automation systems also allow for the ability to lock / unlock doors, control lights, temperature and various other electrical appliances from anywhere in the world. Features such as these are not only convenient, they also enhance your security by giving your home the "lived in look" and save energy by giving you the ability to adjust your temperature when you are away and prior to your arrival home. After all, why would you want to heat or cool an empty home.



So, yes, "We Do Have An App For That"