Wireless Routers Causing False Alarms

Telus Router causes false alarm on home security alarmFalse alarms, particularly intermittent false alarms are an inconvenience for both the home / business owner as well as a costly waste of resources for the local authorities. For this reason, many police forces have instituted hefty fines to encourage home owners as well as security alarm companies to deal with the problem.

At KeepSafe Systems, we take false alarms very seriously and strongly believe education is the key to preventing costly and irritating false alarms. For this reason, when I ran into an issue where it seemed certain wireless routers were found to be the cause of several intermittent false alarms, I decided to test out my theory and make a video of it, in hopes of educating others about the rampant problem. In the video example, this particular client had a Telus Internet router causing the false alarm on their home security alarm, however this problem is not limited to Telus wireless routers.

Here is a link to the test video Telus wireless router causes false alarm

Part of the process of troubleshooting multiple false alarms involves determining the common factors in all of the situations. When it comes to Motion detector false alarms, the first step generally involves replacing the motion detector. In the case of several clients, the commonality was they had just had Telus Fibre installed. Since Telus tends to run surface wires on the outside of the home and drill into the home on the front corner, right around the location of the Protector, my initial thought was the telus technician drilled through the motion detector wire. After replacing the motion detector (As a precaution) as well as re-running the motion detector alarm wire, false alarms continued to happen. This became extremely frustrating for clients, so I needed to cast a wider net. Since I have a client who does RF (Radio Frequency) testing on electronics, to ensure they do not interfere with other electronic devices, I figured I would do my own test with a Telus Wireless router. Much to my surprise, the Telus internet router was found to trigger false alarms on Motion detectors. This is something I would expect with a wireless security alarm, but KeepSafe Systems ONLY installs hardwired security alarms for this reason. In this case, the False alarms were also found to be occurring on hardwired motion detectors, IF THE WIRELESS ROUTER IS PLACED TOO CLOSE TO THE MOTION DETECTOR. Generally speaking, anything within a 10 foot range may cause a problem. It is also important to remember RF can be affected by external conditions so just because a wireless router does not cause a false alarm for a number of weeks does not mean it will not randomly cause a false alarm. In the case of one client, the false alarms occurred randomly and in rapid succession. In other words, the alarm went for months without a false alarm and then one morning the motion detector 7 feet from the router would blast off 10 times in a row. Once the client moved their Telus router to another corner, the false alarms stopped.