LED Strip Lights Home Security & Home Automation

So here's the story. I was at a local electronics store helping Victor look for a decent butaine soldering iron since the last Security Alarm Installation company he worked for did not seem to believe in soldering... Go figure. Anyways, that is not the point of this story.

So, while talking to the clerk about the latest gadgets and home automation, I saw this bright display of LED strips. I have been using LED's for quite some time as an indicator of alarm status on clients' security alarm system. In the past, the main problem with LED's was always the lack of brightness and limited angle of view. This was not the case with these LED light strips. These things were so bright you could see them from outside the store.

So instantly my brain started churning. I knew there was a use for these in the Security Alarm Industry, well aside from alarm status indicators. So I forked out the 40 bucks and bought a couple of them to play around with... Yes, I'm a gadget geek.

After the initial novelty wore off, the LED strip lights sat on the kitchen table alongside my gas bill until just the other day. You see, I was working on a job where I was installing a Home Automation system and the customer had mentioned the light in his shower and how he was not all too pleased with the look. Bamm! a thought sprung to mind. Since the LED strips are waterproof, what better way to light up a shower than to hide these behind glass tiles. Being low voltage, they would not draw much power and they could also be backed up by the alarm systems' battery, in the case of a power failure.

From there, the idea's started to flow. As soon as I showed the client the LED strip, he fell in love with the idea. So now, we are putting them in various places throughout the house to provide emergency and ambient activity based lighting.

Floor sensors connected to the Security Alarm System will activate LED strips in the bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and stairwell (If it is dark out.) Strips of LED's will replace Christmas lights, these lights will then be connected to the Home Automation/security alarm system to activate after dusk during the Christmas season. A fire alarm will activate a series of high intensity LED strip lights guiding everyone to safety through the dense smoke.

Best of all, since these LED strip lights are operated by 12 VDC... again, they can be backed up by the Security Alarm Systems' battery. This will ensure nobody is left in the dark. No more unsafe candles or digging for the flashlight under the light of a cellphone. Cool eh!