Self Monitoring your alarm... the good the bad and the ugly

What will you do when you get the callSelf monitoring is nothing new and has been around since the voice tape dialer

While I abhore fear mongering, web based technology and push / email notification is far from perfect and I dislike those who misrepresent themselves even more.

Even IF you are not in a cell dead zone, away from or on your phone and the signal does get to you in a timely manner, what are you going to do when you receive an alarm notification from your home or business?

  • Who are you going to call?
  • Are you going to waste the time of an ECOMM 911 operator with what may be a false alarm?
  • Are you going to get in an accident trying to pull up your camera feed in a bad cell zone while driving, or while breaking the land speed record racing to your house?
  • Will your insurance cover you in the case of a break-in with a Self monitored alarm, if you do not tell them your alarm is not being monitored by an approved monitoring station?

Don't get me wrong, Push notifications are great and they do have their place, alongside a monitored alarm system. If your alarm is not monitored through a fully staffed monitoring station, you need to know the risks involved.

Alarm monitoring stations have their own direct line into the local police for your area. This is what they do and operators are available 24/7, with a detailed file on you and your alarm. With your authorization, the operator can even pull up your camera feed for video verification and communicate what they see, directly to the police dispatcher.

IP Alarm monitoring is often fully supervised, in which case your Alarm Company will know if there is a problem with your internet connection, this is not the case with most Push Notification system. For that matter, a simple router issue or update could render your alarm incapable of communicating an alarm event via push and you may never know.

At the end of the day, security alarms are all about your personal piece of mind and what you are comfortable with. Are you comfortable with the risks inherent in Alarm Push notification services or would you rather deal with a professional security alarm company who is there to help you, even when you are away from your phone, out of cellular range, or if your cellular service is down? The choice is yours.