Systems Integration

System Integration and Home Automation are terms which are often used interchangeably; however System Integration focuses more on the automation of processes and systems on a more functional level, versus the simple convenience and “fun factor” of Home Automation.

Early Earthquake Warning camera integrationAn example would be integrating and Early Earthquake Warning system sensor from a friend of mine at TCLA With a Mobotix IP Camera. This could not only announce the event through the camera speakers and send pre-quake images to a building “Black Box” for first responders to use in their rescue efforts, the system could also be set up to shut down the gas main and home the elevators. While the pre-quake warning is currently around 20 to 30 seconds, longer if the system is integrated with the entire Pre-quake warning system for a particular geographic area. Regardless, time is critical and allowing multiple systems to communicate with one another has the ability to save lives. It would be very easy to integrate a fire alarm, access control as well as a burglar alarm system into this model.

Creating Useful Technology through Unity

In the current Web / Cloud based world, this integration is often referred to as IoT (Internet of Things), however, IoT ignores many mission critical systems, which are not connected to the Web, for security reasons. System Integration goes one step further and does not discriminate between old school and new world technologies. The only requirement is a dedicated team of trade professionals who are willing and able to work hand in hand for a common goal. At KeepSafe Systems, we are constantly on the look out to form new relationships with other likeminded trades people. If you have a special project, please feel free to give me a shout and together we can create something amazing. If you are an end user and you have a problem you need solved and there is a low voltage electronic component, let me know what your needs are and we can put something together for you.