What we have learned from Covid 19

Life is filled with learning experiences, some good and some bad. In the case of the recent Covid 19 pandemic we learned a great many things.

Keeping safe during CovidFirst and most importantly was the importance of Family and Friends. With many people cut off from family, either due to illness / immunity issues or mandated quarantines, it became very evident how important these connections truly are. Some lost family members and friends, for those we will mourn.

When I started to write this post a few minutes ago, I truly had no idea where I would be going with it, so you will have to excuse me if I ramble a little... I am sure I will come back to fix it at a later date, as my "Kraut OCD" does not permit half efforts. :)

Specific to KeepSafe Systems, I also learned a few things. Aside from the obvious importance of my many loyal clients and friends, monitoring revenues were critical in keeping food on the table during the initial uncertain weeks. Of course, along with those revenues came responsibilities. After all, client needs are paramount and those needs did not end with the pandemic.

First of all, it became immediately apparent many monitored clients would be in the difficult position of having to shut down during the initial weeks of the pandemic. I knew paying bills would be difficult for many, so I made the immediate decision to prepare for this and maintain compassion for those facing difficult times, regardless of what my financial position may be. Luckily most have been able to continue paying their monitoring fees, for those who were not, I assured them I would still be there for their essential needs.

Being in an essential service industry it was important for me to maintain my availability for critical client issues. For that reason I chose to curtail all non essential travel and ensure I did not expose myself, and by extension KeepSafe Systems clients, to any risk of infection. After all, we had no idea how the virus spread, let alone the long term side effects. I immediately dug out my N95 masks, which I use for crawling through attics, and ensured I had one with me for those times where close proximity human contact was required. For all other instances I maintained a social distance and avoided "Speaking moistly" (that joke will never grow old :) ) While I understand there are those who may not have taken Covid 19 as seriously as me, I felt it was important to cater to the concerns of those around me.

During the initial weeks of Covid I ran into a number of new clients who contacted me because the large multinational companies were unwilling to service their security needs. As a person who prides himself on maximum availability, I found this very odd and disturbing. Regardless, I will not mention the names of the companies in question.

During this time I also had several very concerned clients contact me emergency service, but due to immunity issues they were very concerned about me being willing to wear PPE. After all, there was a large contingent of Anti-maskers who refused to wear a mask. I assured these people I had no intention of putting their health at risk and that I would be more than happy to wear an N95 mask and sanitize my hands before I touched anything in their home.

The Virus also brought up issues of product availability. Hand sanitizer was at a premium, so I contacted a long time client and friend in the beauty supply industry who was able to provide me with a quantity of 100% Isopropyl Alcohol and 7% Hydrogen peroxide. True to my strong self reliant Kraut tendencies, I proceeded to make my own hand sanitizer, making and bottling enough to hand out to friends, clients and neighbours in need. Nobody should have to rely on the unscrupulous and opportunistic price gougers. The bottles were small, but they held alot of people over and spread some happiness, during these uncertain times. While I would like to say the altruism was all my idea, I must admit I initially considered selling homemade hand sanitizer at a very small but fair margin, seeing all the news stories of the opportunists made me feel dirty and my wife was also not keen on me taking advantage of the needs of others. I was also inspired by the many stories of regular folks going out of their way to help those in need, during these difficult times. I still have some, if anyone is in need :)

In looking back at this post I understand it has little to do with security, but with all that is going on I just thought I would share my lessons and experiences from Covid 19. I have to say many chuckles were had when customers said goodbye with a wish for me to "Keep Safe" Who would have known the name of my business would gain a different meaning.




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