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At KeepSafe Systems, all the Security Alarm Systems we install are designed with your Security needs and comfort level in mind. As your Security needs may be different from those of your neighbour or a complete stranger on the other side of the country, we do not believe in "Packaged Security Alarm Systems".  We have also learned, most people would rather control their Security Alarm System than have their Security Alarm System control them. This unique approach to customized user-friendly Security Alarm Systems is what sets KeepSafe Systems apart from the "Competition" and provides our many happy clients with Security Alarm Systems designed with Their Freedom in Mind.

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Where possible, KeepSafe Systems endeavors to purchase Canadian or at the very Least North American.

Buy Canadian, it does make a difference.

Occasionally a product comes along which is so impressive, there is no question it must be in our product line. one such example is Mobotix IP Camera's. I know mobotix is made in Germany, this is part of what makes mobotix great. odd to say after my buy canadian rant, but... Mobotix IP Surveillance camera's. Mobotix IP camera's are, by far, the best Video surveillance / IP cameras available in the market today. Unlike most IP camera "manufacturer's", Mobotix does not farm out their IP camera production to the lowest bidder, nor do they simply slap their logo on some cheap generic piece of... ALL Mobotix IP surveillance CAMERA's are designed and manufactured IN HOUSE in the Mobotix facility located in Germany. To truly experience the quality of Mobotix IP Secuity camera's, simply contact your western Canadian Authorized Mobotix Partner, KeepSafe Systems at 604-874-8772 and we would be more than happy to show you a live feed from one of our client authorized demo IP security camera's. This way you can see the REAL THING, not just some ideal situation sales / marketing images, or a retail system designed purely to look good when the subject is 3 to 5 feet away